The ABC on wood chiseling


Maybe you like getting a wood chisel or maybe you already have one and don’t know how to get the best of it. No matter the situations, some experienced wood chiseling workers think only the highest when it comes to these tools.

The wood chisels are great tools that can work impressively on wood, but you need patience, some skills and…more patience to get the best out of the tools, creating the perfect wood project.

You do need to know a bit on wood chiseling and the inexperienced wood worker might think that a complete set of wood chisels is the key when it comes to successfully work the wood. Bigger is not always better and wood chiseling is the living proof of that.

Let’s get closer

One common and, let’s say, fair, mistake is to use a hammer along with the wood chisel. At times, in some specific situations, there’s no way you can work the wood without the hammer, but you get to learn that a hammer tends to ruin the wood eventually.

For instance, you can avoid using the hammer and the chisel by using a small rotary saw on your large area of wood. You get the best out of the wood chisels when you only use the tools by hand. You learn, bit by bit, to rely on your hand power when using the wood chisels. The minute you put aside the hammer and only use your hands, you begin to notice the amazing results, precise of your hand working.

Stay away from dull wood chisels.  The dull wood chisels are quite common in tool bags or boxes and you need to make the effort of always keeping the wood chisels nice and sharp. Once your wood chisels are sharp, keep them protected so they remain sharp until the next use. Just because your wood chisel is old, doesn’t mean you need to sharpen it very often. The only thing they need is to store it so that the blades don’t get pounded into other tools, metal tools to be more precise.

A properly sharpen set of wood chisels may help you remove the wood from your project as you can easily trim away a thin sliver or a large curl.

Give a steady and a firm grip to your wood chisel when using it. You are in charge of your tool and you are the one giving it the right direction, the proper depth. Your project also needs to be stable and secure when you work the wood chisels. You can get amazing results even if you are a beginner if the wood chisels are sharp and the project is stable.

Always stay safe and secure when you use the wood chisels- facing it away, that is. In some situations, you simply can’t avoid the facing, but you need to pay more attention when working.

The wood chisels have a flat side and a beveled one, in order to create a sharp edge. When you hold the beveled side pointing up and away from the work you cut more deeply than if the flat side of the wood chisel faces up away from your work. The wood chisels have to have the right orientation for the project you are working on. Having a good wood chisel set is important – have a look for options.

No matter how tempted you might be, don’t ever sharpen your wood chisels on a grinding wheel. The blade gets too hot and doesn’t hold the edge properly either. You may use a metal file instead by Japanese soap stones to sharpen the wood chisels.

Let’s get precise

Try to always use the smallest wood chisel on a job. The smaller the blade, the more precision you get when working your project. A large, wide blade on your chisel needs more pressure to cut so it’s better to cut your project in small increments.

When you do wood chiseling you work for a while in one direction and then you turn and work the other way. This is how the blade gets the depth you want in the wood, without gouging the wood.

Use the wood chisels with angled blades for trimming the edges, just like a power knife. Don’t push too hard though so you miss the depth you want. Wood chisels are designed only for hand use and only some types would work with a hammer. It’s the case of Iyoroi Japanese wood chisels that are made to work with a hammer, even though a wooden or a plastic mallet are the better choice if you have to hammer the wood chisels.

Along with sharpening the blades, you also have to oil the wooden handles from time to time and always store the wooden chisels properly.